Information About Foot Tappin Tunes

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog. I’ll write about music – for the most part. I’m not an expert, and I’m not a musician. I’m a fan. That’s it. I’m just someone who likes music, and one of the most fun things to do is discover a band or artist you’ve never heard about before. I truly enjoy hearing new music. My taste runs from alternative country, Americana or what ever you want to call it, to more pop oriented alternative music. I wanted to create a place where like minded people could come and share suggestions for artists to explore, and to share artists I happen across.

I’ll post about live shows and recordings I buy. I’m also part of a group of people who get together once a month and exchange mixes. So I’ll share some of that, too. As for live shows, I don’t see hundreds of shows a year (wish I could, though). I’ll make a few club shows, some concerts and some house concerts over the course of a year. I probably buy 75-100 releases a year (not all of which are new), and I’ll run across another bunch of stuff through exchanges of mixes and on the radio.

As for radio, commercial radio is a wasteland. It’s awful, and I never listen. I really enjoy Internet radio – especially Pandora, and I enjoy a terrific community radio station in St. Louis, MO – KDHX (88.1) and over the net at I’ll post about all of this stuff from time to time.

So – welcome, and I hope you come back.


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