Posted by: cosborn | December 14, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

My college aged son wanted to see this, and my wife and I agreed to go – reluctantly. And – we were pleasantly surprised. It’s not great, that’s for sure. But it is entertaining, and the big time effects are really good.

Keanu Reeves was cast as Klatuu, the alien visitor sent here to protect the Earth. He was supposed to be wooden and a bit stiff, so the part was absolutely perfect for Reeves. I actually like him as an actor. He comes off as having an inner sense of decency, and he seems to do well in films that require some physical action. (This one does not.) Think Neo from the Matrix, with less personality, and you get the part.

Jennifer Connelly is among my personal favorite actresses. On interview programs, and in print interviews, she comes across as pleasant, likable and an oddly normal mom and wife. She is drop dead gorgeous, and it’s easy to get caught up in her looks and give her little credit for her acting skill – which is considerable. Her character is very strong, and she provides the moral center of this morality tale. And she does this very well.

Will Smith and Jada Picket’s son – Jaden – plays her step son, and he was good, although his character is a bit annoying. Kathy Bates plays a very annoying Secretary of Defense. She offers up a great wooden, robotic administration official who can’t think an single independent thought. (Geez, I wonder what administration that was taken from?) John Cleese has a short – but important – cameo.

I’d recommend this movie for big screen viewing, but just don’t go expecting a masterpiece. It’s decent, and Reeves and Connelly are both solid.



  1. Although not what I expected it was still an entertaining movie.
    Corey Cotta, Author of All of Yesterdays Tomorrows.

  2. Thanks for the note! I agree – it was entertaining.

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