Posted by: cosborn | September 13, 2008

Songs About Totally Random Stuff – Mix Catagories for September

From time to time, the group of friends I exchange mixes with each month come up with themes for everyone’s mix. One of our favorite “themes” is to get everyone to submit a bunch of random song subjects or ideas. We then pull from an envelope 10-12 topics, and you are supposed to put on song for each topic on your mix. Directly from the e-mail message this morning:
  • A groovy tune
  • The craziest song you’ve ever heard
  • Your favorite song from 1986
  • Song to be played at your funeral
  • Song about the weather
  • Song about a body part
  • Song about prison or jail
  • Song about money
  • Song about family
  • Song about a famous person
  • Song about stress

Obviously, there’s a lot of room for some creativity and fun here.  This list will definitely change, but here’s some starting thoughts:

  • Groovy song – a Flamin’ Groovies song (Teanage Head?) or Groovy Times – The Clash
  • Craziest song – Crazy – Patsy Cline or Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
  • Favorite song from 1986 – Joshua Tree by U2 was recorded in 1986 – so maybe something from that, or King of America by Elvis
  • Song for my funeral – In My Life – The Beatles is a good one, but too obvious
  • Song about the weather – Like a Hurricane – Neil Young or Rainy Day, Dream Away – Jimi Hendrix, Rain – The Beatles
  • Song about a body part – Mary Anne With the Shaky Hands – The Who
  • Song about prison or jail – pick your favorite great country song . . . but – I’m not sure yet
  • Song about money – Fortunate Sun – Credence Clearwater Revival, and any number of “down on your luck” country songs
  • Song about family – I don’t know yet
  • Song about a famous person – Frank Sinatra – Cake
  • Song about stress – 19th Nervous Breakdown – Rolling Stones, Cold Turkey – John Lennon

I have no idea what will end up on this mix, but this is a starting point.


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