Posted by: cosborn | September 6, 2008

August 2008 Mix

Once a month, I meet a group of friends for lunch and we swap mixes. There are usually five of us, and everyone really likes music and knows a bit about the tunes they share. We all have somewhat different tasts, and it’s a great way to find some new and interesting stuff to hear. I have links to the blogs of two my mix friends over in the side bar. Check them out.

Here’s the mix from last month:

1. Workingman's CafeVietnam Cowboys—Ray Davies  The only thing wrong with Ray Davies is that he doesn’t record enough great stuff. From his newest release – Workingman’s Cafe.  I must confess to being a big Kinks fan, and I’m really happy with Ray Davies’ last two releases.  The new one is excellent!

2. Rebel in You—Supergrass  This is from their new release. Very derivative music, but it’s catchy. I’m still not sure what to make of Supergrass. Parts of the new release – Diamond Hoo Ha – are really good. I’m listening to it, and it’s been interesting to explore.

3. Dance All Night – Ryan Adams and the Cardinals They’re coming to the Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO in October. Another pop gem. I know he’s got a reputation for being “difficult.” So? The music is really great, and this song from “Cold Roses” is a really nice song.

4. The Dumbest Magnets—Dolly Varden Band is named for a fish. Saw them at a Ranch House concert this summer—really nice show. I was pleasently surprised by how much I enjoyed seeing them. I got a chance to chat with Steve and Diane. They are very nice, and they really brought their charm and warmth to the show.  To top it off – they are really talented.

5. Mull of Kintyre—Sir Paul Who but a Beatle could make bagpipes sound lovely?. And – yes – I agree. Some of his solo work hasn’r been great or even good. But I’ve always liked this melody.

6. Something Wonderful—John Dee Graham Another Ranch House concert from this summer. GREAT, GREAT show! John is recovering from an auto accident. I’d never seen him before the Ranch Hosue show, and I was knocked out. He’s funny and was very entertaining. He can falt out play, and the show was a rockin’ good time!

7. That Beat—Amy LaVere  She was nominated for an award by the American Music Association last year for this record. Very cool sound. I am totally smitten with this record. She has a breathy quality to her voice that really works. The songs are really interesting and varied in tone, theme and sound. If you haven’t heard Amy, you owe it to yourself to check her music out.

8. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll—Ian Drury & The Blockheads Anthem for the whole punk thing and many lost weekend in the early 1980’s. Hard not to smile when you hear this infectious tune.

9. Little Sister—Dwight Yoakam One of the best music videos of go-go dancers ever made to this cover of an old Elvis Presley song. Dwight Yoakam is one of the true Americana/Twng masters, and this song is just so cool it’s almost painful. LOVE Pete Anderson’s guitar!

10. The Motivator—T-Rex  Very cool, stripped down song that used to rattle around in my head playing baseball. Go figure. It’s a real shame Marc Bolan died, becasue I really keep going back to Electric Warrior for this song and several other really great songs. It’s a very underrated record from the early 1970’s.

11. Closer to Mercury—Wheat Want to hear what a perfect pop song is supposed to sound like? Here it is. I stumbled across Wheat on the Elizabethtown Soundtrack (which – BTW – is a GREAT soundtrack). Then they kept showing up on a couple of stations I built on Pandora. This is about as perfect a pop song as I can imagine.

12. Sing a Song—Earth, Wind & Fire A very good friend turned 50 in mid-August. I made a mid-70’s mix and used this cool old dance song.



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